Motorola Dual SIM XT390

Motorola Releases Affordable, Dual-SIM XT390

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Motorola Dual SIM XT390The super-slim Motorola XT390, could be something that you’ve been waiting for. It is a phone that you can afford without sacrificing a few weekends. At 11mm thin, the phone packs quite a punch for the price, it has a vivid 3.5” screen, which runs the interface of Android 2.3.5 fluently. The Motorola XT390 is a dual-SIM smartphone with dual-standby capability, eliminating the need to carry an extra phone. The phone should be adequate for post-90’s consumers who still lack enough disposable income and are already familiar with wireless technology since they were born.

Offered at only $160, the Motorola XT390 directly competes with Samsung Galaxy Y; although it has larger 3.5” display and dual-SIM capability. The resolution isn’t yet known, but it’s very likely HVGA (320×480 pixels), which is commonly used on phones with similar size and price range. The built-in MotoSwtich feature learns who you interact with and talk to the most, allowing you to easily connect to those closest. The 3Mp camera should be enough for casual users and the integrated GPS capability tells you exactly where you are. The 800MHz processor and 512MB RAM configuration may not run circle around the competition but it allows you to run many light-weight apps and casual games without problem, as long as you avoid those demanding 3D games. Style-conscious users are covered too; the phone has ultra-thin and asymmetric design with two color options, such as champagne gold and black. The phone will be distributed mostly in Asia, which explains why it has dual-SIM capability.

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