Motorola RAZR HD MAXX Could Be Less Impressive Than Previously Believed

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Motorola RAZR HD MAXXThe king of battery life in the industry is obviously Motorola’s RAZR MAXX with its marvelous 3300mAh power pack. Even with a powerful battery, the phone is only a few millimeter thicker than a standard RAZR model. Previous rumors pointed towards a new MAXX version of the RAZR HD, which packs both more powerful hardware and battery.

Unfortunately, a very recent report reveals that the upgrade could be much more minor than previously believed and the MAXX version may not even exist at all.

According tipsters, the RAZR HD may eventually ship with a flash-equipped 8Mp camera, not the uber 13Mp rear-facing camera as many have thought. In addition, the phone will carry a more modest 2530mAh battery. Your disappointment could be compounded by the fact that the phone will run Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 2.3), instead of the newer Jelly Bean.

The upcoming phone may start to look unimpressive for most Android junkies, but it still boasts a more potent battery than the competition. Motorola should realize the awesome selling point of the RAZR MAXX with its very long battery life. Hopefully, the phone maker won’t abandon the MAXX branding completely.

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