Motorola Plans to Release a Cheaper Smartphone

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Motorola Moto GWith its new generation smartphone model, including the Moto G, Motorola has won a steadfast following. The phone is widely known as a budget device that doesn’t suck. Apparently, we are merely scratching the surface with Motorola’s budget lineup. Dennis Woodside, the company’s CEO, has recently unveiled a plan about even cheaper smartphone model.

At $179 or £109, the Motorola Moto G is reasonably affordable; but that’s still a lot of money in many emerging markets. Apparently, designers from the company asked themselves why an affordable model can’t be $50 or £30. As expected, the Motorola top exec wouldn’t provide additional details about the device. Some of us can’t help but feel somewhat skeptical. Although, the company made a rather impressive stride by releasing the Moto G, yet a $50 or £30 handset seems a tad too cheap.

In all honesty, a number of Android device manufacturers in China already arrive to this price point. Clearly, a $50 or  £30 smartphone isn’t out of the realm of the possibility. We could imagine Google has an involvement in this and it has long expressed the desire to have everyone gets connected to the online world. It’s quite likely that the phone will have very basic specs; such as small display and weak single-core processor. It’s a good thing to know that Android 4.4 supports low-resources devices.

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