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Motorola Mobility is Allowed to Use Jobs’ Harsh Remarks

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Motorola MobilityWe all know how Steve Jobs felt about Google’s mobile platform, Android. Apple’s late CEO was ready to do everything it takes to raze Android to the ground. But fortunately for Google, it didn’t happen. In his private war, Jobs attempted to sue as many as Android device manufacturers as he could to protect Apple’s iOS-based smartphones and tablets. His goals became much clearer in a biography written by Walther Isaacson.

Jobs’ remarks may not be at all good for Apple as Motorola Mobility plans to bring them up in the court. Apple’s definitely worried about this and asked Motorola not to use Jobs’ quotations.

A Chicago federal judge rejected Apple’s request in a brief order without providing explanation, but added that Apple can’t argue that jurors should favor Apple over the other party, if they like both Apple products and Steve Jobs. Representatives for Motorola and Apple didn’t immediately offer comment on this development. Apple is also asking a California federal judge to keep Jobs’ biography of future patent trials.

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