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Motorola Manta and Occam Are Spotted with Android 4.2 in Benchmark Results

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Motorola MantaIn recent days, we have been hearing reports on the LG Optimus G Nexus with its Android 4.2 OS. Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) only arrived 4 months ago and Google is already planning to release another version of the green robot-themed operating system. The new OS version would put more pressure on carriers and phone makers, currently working on Jelly Bean updates. This makes it doubtful that Google will release a new Android version before Jelly Bean goes mainstream. Despite our doubts, the benchmark result of AnTuTu 2.0 seems to confirm the existence of the new OS. Two Motorola devices, Manta and Occam are registered in the benchmark tests with Android 4.2 onboard.

The Motorola Occam uses 1.5GHz processor and with a test score of 9817, this could indicate a quad-core platform. The Manta is a tablet and running Android 4.2, it scored 8077 points. There are no further details on these devices, but the benchmark result is surely significant as it suggests the presence of Android 4.2.

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