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More Than Half of iOS Apps Are Never Downloaded by Users

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iPad AppsA closer look into Apple’s App Store reveals the unfortunate situation of many third-party developers. Much of their hard work goes unnoticed as nearly 400,000 apps from 650,000 apps in the store were never downloaded.

A commonly accepted term for them is “ghost apps” as they are generally invisible to the general public. Apparently, these apps are not ranked by Apple and don’t appear on the search result listing. In reality, there are very few apps that has a decent amount of downloads. This situation could be blamed on Apple’s closed system, which makes it more difficult for users to discover some types of apps. Due to the lack of proper search feature, most users only install apps shown on the top listing. The same research shows that 40 percent of top grossing iPad apps are slot machine games and the median price of an iPhone game is $0.99, as opposed to $1.99 for the iPad.

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