New iPad Wi Fi Problem

More New iPad Users Complain About Wi-Fi Problems

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New iPad Wi Fi ProblemAn increasing number of complaints arrive to Apple’s support forum related to an assortment of Wi-Fi issues. Nothing is more aggravating than having a new, pricey device that won’t work properly, so no one can really blame them

Newly released gadgets that come with bugs are nothing new, and while these issues get plenty of online attention, if you examine the situation further you will find it a statistical thing.

The knee-jerk reaction to problematic new devices is “how did the manufacturer manage to get this product out?” It is a purely natural reaction for a high-ticket new gadget. But only if all new iPad units had the Wi-Fi problem then this question becomes legitimate.

Sophisticated mobile gadgets are the result of intricate manufacturing processes, and the fact is, some units will have defects. It is difficult to build a lot of complex products without a few getting through that can’t meet expectations.

Apple claimed that it has sold about 5 million iPads since the official release, so if only 0.1 percent of those had defects it means, we have a healthy number of faulty units. Odds are some owners of those a few thousands of malfunctioning new iPads would take their grievances to the online forums and other places to complain, which allows them to see if other owners were experiencing a similar problem. Even with many chiming in that their units are fine, the hundreds of owners hashing out their problematic devices would quickly get others’ attention.

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