Samsung Galaxy Premier

More Images of Samsung Galaxy Premier Are Leaked

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Samsung Galaxy PremierThe Samsung Galaxy Mini S3 enraged many people with disappointing hardware specifications. Despite the inclusion of certain Galaxy S3’s design elements, market responses were generally poor. But Samsung is now prepping a slightly enhanced version, which will be named the Galaxy Premier. Also known by its codename: GT-I9260, the phone was originally thought to be the Galaxy Nexus 2. Leaked photos on Picasa tell us that it has a 4.65” display and a new photo of the Galaxy Premier is leaked. The image is much clearer than the first and it came from a trustworthy Twitter source. Obviously, we should realize that Galaxy Premier could still be a part of elaborate hoax like Sony Xperia X.

It is currently unclear for whom the phone will be targeted. But with the Galaxy S3 Mini designed as an entry-level device, the Galaxy Premier could actually be the mid-range version of the S3. The display may have qHD resolution and the phone may be equipped with 8Mp camera and 1.5GHz I OMAP dual-core processor. One good thing about the phone is clearly the Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) OS.

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