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More Details on the iPhone 5 Display Are Leaked

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Apple iPhone 5The closer we get to the release date of the iPhone 5, the more details are leaked. Some media sources claimed that they’ve got a hold of a research note with details of iPhone 5 hardware. It seems to confirm that the phone will feature a 4” display with 16:9 aspect ratio.

To be more precise, the next Phone will have 4.08” display with in-cell IPS panel, 500-nit brightness and 1136 x 640 pixels resolution. Based on current technological advances, the phone should present valid compromise between improved user experience, one-handed operability, backwards compatibility with older iOS apps and good battery life. Apple may rule out display size larger than 4.3”, because it’s considered the limit of proper one-hand operability.

The larger display should make the iPhone lengthier, but not wider, which would save on the cost of apps development and avoid making legacy apps look letterboxed. Additionally, the 16:9 aspect ratio offer more viewing space when owners use the phone in portrait mode. Of course, this is only a speculation and nothing gets confirmed until the new iPhone is good and ready to go.

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