3GHz Mobile Processor

Mobile Processors Industry Finally Breaks Through 3GHz Barrier

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3GHz Mobile ProcessorA few years ago, Google and HTC awed the world with the first ever 1GHz single core smartphone. Since then, there was little increase in clock speed as chip manufacturers tried to cram more cores in a single die. The arms race exploded to dual- and quad-core processors and they are powering our portable handsets marvelously. To make things more interesting, the leading mobile processor foundry, TSMC, has released test results of the 3.1GHz Cortex-A9 dual core processor. TSMC’s new chip has a base speed of 1.5GHz and it can go as high as 2GHz in mobile devices. The 3.1GHz is currently achievable only with more intensive cooling, that involves bigger heatsink and fan, which are possible on Smart TV and Ultrabook.

The 28nm processor is twice as fast as 40nm at the same clock speed. TSMC only showed what latest mobile processors are capable of doing and the big question is how they will affect battery life. High-end smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy S3, LG Optimus LTE2 and Pantech Vega Race 2 are using 2000+ mAh battery, which allows for more powerful, less efficient processors.

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