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Mobile Fusion will be Available for iOS and Android

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BlackBerry Mobile FusionThe Canadian company, RIM, has announced that it is bringing the Mobile Fusion app to devices running Android and iOS. The application is essentially an enterprise mobile solution that allows organizations and businesses to control mobile devices. Owners of Android and iOS can finally join the Blackberry Enterprise network and the app also allows the device to be erased or locked remotely if lost.

The self-service feature enables us to wipe or secure their lost devices directly without intervention from IT department, improving reaction time and reducing potential strain on IT personnel. Mobile Fusion can give the IT department an opportunity to manage Blackberry Playbook directly through BlackBerry Enterprise System, which is useful if the organization assigns PlayBook to employees.

Mobile Fusion offers various advanced features such as the ability to set permission on any device, this ensures data is secure and only certain individuals can gain access to the information. Users can also get web based console, asset management, configuration management, connectivity management, centralized console, higher scalability and many others. The release of Mobile Fusion to iOS and Android users may make BlackBerry lose an important competitive advantage, but it will improve the popularity of Enterprise network as a whole. This will also reduce the fragmentation issue that affects many businesses, as they often adopt “bring your own device” approach. The Mobile Fusion for iOS and Android will be released in March 2012. It should run one iOS 4 and later, also Android 2.1 and later. It is still unclear whether the app will run on Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

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