Microsoft’s Executives Continue to Slam Facebook Home For Lack of Originality

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Facebook HomeMicrosoft continues its criticism against the Facebook Home be releasing a series of new statements. One of Microsoft top employees, Frank X Shaw, recently commented on the HTC First and its integrated Android launcher, the Facebook Home. He reiterated the same accusation that Facebook copied the people-centric concept, used by Microsoft back in 2011 or when the Windows Phone 7.5 was first introduced.

Frank argued that the Facebook Home is far from being an alternative to the Windows Phone 8. He said that it is just a custom user interface designed to patch a ragtag software platform called Android. The Windows Phone 8 with its People Hub has already fused the phone contacts, email and social networking capability in a single container.

So, while Frank politely said that he applauds Facebook’s effort, he suggested that people should get a Windows Phone 8 handset instead. He assured that Microsoft’s mobile platform can make phone users feel even more at “home” with smooth integration of multiple social network services.

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