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Microsoft Said It Isn’t Planning to Build a Windows Phone Handset

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Windows PhoneLast week there was a rumor from OEMs that Microsoft is planning to release its own Windows Phone 8 handset by sourcing it to a specific phone maker. It wasn’t known yet whether it will be a commercially-available retail project or a type of development platform. Some industry analysts have told us that it was far more likely that Microsoft will deliver a retail Windows Phone 8 product.

However, in an attempt to silence these rumors, Microsoft have denied flatly yesterday that it has any interest in building a Windows Phone 8 “Apollo” handset. It should be noted however that Microsoft frequently denied all rumors due to matter of internal policy. It is easy to suspect that Microsoft doesn’t want to rile its very important partners, OEM manufacturers, so the company is its adjusting press policy accordingly.

Still, denying for not planning a Microsoft-branded handset doesn’t rule out the possibility that the software giant will pay someone to manufacture the phone. Check List of Latest Mobile Phones

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