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Microsoft Revealed The Interface of Windows Phone 7.8

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Windows Phone 7.8For any owner of Windows Phone 7 “Mango” device, it’s a bummer to know that not all WP devices will see an upgrade to Windows Phone 8 “Apollo”. But apparently they won’t be left behind like many owners of Froyo and Gingerbread devices in the Android community. If you have a Mango device, it is reasonable to say that you should look forward for Windows Phone 7.8.

One significant visual change is the addition of the Metro-style UI on the start screen. Recently, Microsoft showed off a Lumia 900 running an early Windows 7.8 build in the Windows Phone Blog to allow fans get a closer look at how the start screen will look like and how it will behave.

As seen in the video, Microsoft showed numerous interface features such as pin/unpin tiles and switching between different tile sizes. It appears, this is only an early build; so we should see more features in coming weeks.

Hands on with the new Windows Phone 7.8 Start Screen

Video by windowsphone Source YouTube

Ben Rudolph shows off an early build of Windows Phone 7.8 running on a Nokia Lumia 900. The new start screen includes resizable tiles, bringing a whole new level of customization to your smartphone experience.

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