Microsoft releases Skydrive for Windows Phone and iPhone

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The software giant, Microsoft recently released Skydrive, a digital locker service. The app is now available for its own Windows Phone 7.5 OS and iOS. The service has been pushed to users of Windows OSs and now the native mobile application allows us to store confidential files on the cloud service, which can be retrieved anywhere and in any device. Microsoft seems to understand that Skydrive will fail rather quickly if it relies only on Windows Phone users. To be deemed a decent success, Microsoft needs to introduce the service to Android and iOS users. However, given that Google has introduced Google Docs, which can also be used as digital locker, Microsoft is left with iOS users. Although not everyone uses Skydrive to access Office documents or share images, yet Microsoft has a long history of supporting iOS users with its online services, such as Hotmail and Bing.

Obviously, Microsoft introduces a tighter integration of Skydrive in Windows Phone devices, but it is likely that the iPhone version of the app will still attract a sizable number of users. People who want to share information securely are now increasingly use digital locker services. The service has another advantage of eliminating the need for storing files removable storage. Even so, you shouldn’t trust cloud service entirely and a backup of your files should be stored in local storage.

Skydrive is not instantaneously available in all parts of the world and there could be some delays before people in certain countries can try it. It would be interesting to see whether people will actually use the service.

SkyDrive App for iPhone

Available now in the App Store:

The SkyDrive app for iPhone allows you to browse and manage your SkyDrive on the go.

SkyDrive App for Windows Phone

SkyDrive for Windows Phone is available in the Marketplace now:

The SkyDrive app for Windows Phone allows you to browse and manage your SkyDrive on the go.

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