Microsoft Releases A Fix to Frequent Facebook App Crashes in Windows Phone 8 Handsets

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Microsoft Windows Phone 8As reported previously, users found that their Facebook app on Windows Phone 8 smartphones crashed when account notifications and comments are accessed. It should be noted that Facebook hasn’t officially released an app for Windows Phone, so Microsoft needs to develop their own version to appease users. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, problems may occur when Facebook changes its API and that what’s happened. Fortunately, Microsoft is quick in releasing update and the new app version is already available in the Windows Phone store.

To encourage third party developers, Facebook has delivered an SDK for .NET, which should make it easier to create more integration. The SDK is released under the Facebook Technology Partners program. It is an open source project that’s maintained and owned by the Outercurve Foundation. Developers can download the SDK in the company’s website along with a number of useful tutorials. There are two important features offered by the SDK that should help app developers immensely. First, it is very easy to log into the social networking service from within the app. The other is easier code sharing between Windows Phone 8 apps and Windows 8 software.

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