Microsoft Promises a New Flagship Windows Phone Smartphone

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Microsoft-PromisesA lot of people would agree if someone says that Windows Phone devices don’t progress far enough in recent months, in terms of hardware developments. Sure, the Lumia 830 is noteworthy enough in the mid-range category, while the Lumia 532 is a splendid model among entry-level devices. However, since the Lumia 930 broke cover more than 9 months ago, we haven’t seen truly impressive Windows Phone devices.

It is about time for Microsoft to try to wow use once again with its new flagships. The good news is that the recent Microsoft press conference hinted about a Windows Phone-powered flagship smartphone, but the bad news is that it isn’t coming anytime soon.

But in any case, the upcoming MWC event and the Microsoft Build event in April are two things that we shouldn’t miss. Although there’s no guarantee that the next high-end Windows Phone smartphone will make a debut, they are still our best chances. However, it is quite likely that the company will hold off the release of its flagship until the arrival of Windows 10. This way, the company will manage to attract consumers with both exciting new software and powerful hardware.

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  • Gary

    Where are the new windows phones? Seriously. It is such a great OS but there are no new models to choose from. I used to have a windows phone, loved it but switched to android because I was tiring of the nokia phone. I do not like my android lg g2 and want to go back to windows but there are no phones to choose from except the htcm8. Where are the new nokia designes phones? How to they expect to gain market share when all they do is design lower end nokia phones that all look the same?

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