IE in Windows 8 Tablets

Microsoft Only Wants IE in Windows 8 Tablet

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IE in Windows 8 TabletsMicrosoft is notorious for its competition-killing attitude and after defeating Netscape many years ago, the company may be in the process of establishing a new dark reign in the mobile industry. After removing YouTube and other Google’s services in its Windows Phone Marketplace, Microsoft is planning to block browsers choice on its ARM-based Windows 8 devices. Google and Mozilla have accused the software giant of trying to ban 3rd party browsers from ARM-based Windows 8 devices. It seems, Windows 8 on ARM may become an IE-only environment. Mozilla is developing a version of Firefox with Metro UI and the move is significantly disruptive to Mozilla’s roadmap.

On the other hand, Google also verified this issue, as it is also planning to release a Chrome browser with Metro UI. The Internet giant is sharing the concerns Mozilla has raised on possible restriction of innovation and user choices in Windows 8 environment. Both companies haven’t planned to file a lawsuit on Microsoft’s anti-competitive practice, but it may happen sometime in the future.

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