Microsoft Office for iPad Could Be Under Development

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Rumors have been swirling around about the possible release of Microsoft Office for the iPad. If true, this is a significant development for all iPad users. The software giant hasn’t released an official confirmation regarding the issue; even so it doesn’t mean that the company is not working on the project.

The availability of Microsoft Office will further validate the iPad as an effective business device. Microsoft Office for iPad can benefit Microsoft significantly and it can also become a huge credibility win for Apple. The iPad continues to become the most successful tablet in the market, in Q3 2011 Apple sold ten times more tablets than other tablets combined. Over the years, iOS-powered tablet is making significant inroads as a mobile platform of choice for businesspeople.

Also, there’s no denying that Microsoft Office suite is the most influential tool in business computing and it has left iPad owners scrambling for a viable alternative. Just like on any PC, the Microsoft Office could become the crown jewel on the iPad.

For years, many experts have been screaming to urge Microsoft to embrace alternative platforms, including popular mobile operating systems. Microsoft will gain more money by releasing Microsoft Office for iOS, Android and even Linux. Microsoft’s success on many areas depends on its near-monopolistic domination, but unfortunately, many tasks that once only possible on a PC can now be accomplished quite well on tablets and even smartphones. Minimal Microsoft’s presence in these platforms, have benefited third-party developers, including Dataviz with “Documents to Go”.

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