Microsoft Developing 80 Inch Windows 8 Tablet

Microsoft is Developing a Giant 80” Tablet

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Microsoft Developing 80 Inch Windows 8 TabletMicrosoft is aiming big in the tablet market, literally. According to inside sources, a giant tablet computer hangs somewhere inside the company’s headquarters. The tablet apparently has been used for internal uses and the company is planning to sell more somewhere in the near future. Earlier, Microsoft and Sharp introduced the 80” Aquos Board Touchscreen, but the tablet Microsoft is planning to unveil is another one.

It is likely to run the Windows 8 OS, which is also designed to run on many contemporary computing devices such as desktops, laptops and low powered computers. The unified platform would deliver seamless user experiences with Windows PCs, much better than what owners of iOS and Android tablets currently get.

Microsoft’s official tablet is certainly an exciting prospect and it is a bit incomprehensible why it takes them so long to develop one. We’ve got to admit that there are powerful forces that might work against the company as the market is significantly dominated by iPad and hundreds of Android models, including Samsung Galaxy Tab series and Amazon Kindle Fire.

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