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Microsoft Introduces Two Major Restrictions to Windows Phone Marketplace

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Windows Phone MarketplaceA post on Windows Phone Blog notified users that Windows Phone Marketplace has applied new restrictions. Starting from today, Windows Phone Marketplace no longer accepts access from the Zune PC software. Previously, users of Zune PC software had full access to the Windows Phone Marketplace and the Zune HD app store, allowing them to browse and choose apps on both markets for their Windows Phone handsets and Zune. Because users often purchase apps on web-based Windows Phone Marketplace or via the Windows Phone devices, Microsoft thinks that it’s not worth the effort to continue supporting Zune.

Another restriction may bring a much bigger implication to users of Windows Phone devices. Some users haven’t yet upgraded to Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” and in a few weeks they’ll no longer be able to use the service unless they upgrade. Upgrading is easy; users with a WP device can plug the handset into the PC and follow steps described in Microsoft’s help articles.

Microsoft maintains that new restrictions are geared toward fully implementing the security and performance enhancements recently added into the Marketplace app for Mango devices. This would also set the foundation for planned features the company is working on for the Windows Phone Marketplace.  Since all WP devices are fully qualified for an upgrade to Mango, it shouldn’t be a big problem for any user.

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