Microsoft Ditches Metro Name for its UI

Microsoft Ditches the “Metro” Name for its popular UI

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Microsoft Ditches Metro Name for its UIThe Metro interface is a popular buzzword in Microsoft-based mobile environment, which features distinctive tile-based interface. The Metro UI has been widely praised by observers since its appearance on the Windows Phone devices. Metro has also popped up on the Xbox and the preview version of the Windows 8.  Despite the wide public recognition, Microsoft is deciding to get rid of the Metro name from their product lineup. It is speculated that the banishing of the name is to avoid possible legal problems due to various trademark concerns.

Microsoft’s spokesperson has confirmed that the name would no longer be used and he declined to provide further details on the issue.  It should be noted that Microsoft only dumps the Metro name, not the user interface itself. It is hard to ignore the fact that Microsoft has devoted plenty of effort trying to the drill the brand “Metro” into the consumers mind, in fact Steve Ballmer mentioned the name of the UI for dozens of time during the CES in January this year.

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