Meizu’s Smartphones Will Be Available for Purchase in the US Next Year

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Meizu MX3 Meizu, one of major China-based manufacturers, is known for various Apple-esque devices that are sold at lower prices, while retaining respectable hardware specs. The company has stated recently that it will soon expand business operation in 2014 to the US. Without specifying any models, the company has announced that it will sell mobile devices in the country. However, we could imagine that we will see the top-shelf Meizu MX3 with its 128GB of internal storage shows up the US mainland. This particular device will appeal to tech lovers with specific preferences for extra storage options.

The United States is known as one of the most lucrative markets for mobile devices and there’s enough room more players, as long as they are willing to scale back their expectations somewhat. It would be difficult for them to challenge the dominance of Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus models.

It appears that Meizu is aiming for a long-term presence and consumers would be glad to know that they will receive long-term support for their devices. The company has also mentioned that it will showcase its devices in the upcoming CES event in Las Vegas to offer consumers in the US a taste of what is to come. China-based vendors are currently making bold expansion moves and we could see other companies gun for the US market in near future.

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