Nokia N9 Meego PR 1.2 Update

Meego PR 1.2 Update is Relesed for Nokia N9

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Nokia N9 Meego PR 1.2 UpdateA couple of weeks ago, we heard about the plan of the Meego PR 1.2 update for the Nokia N9. The update is significant for the owners of the handset and in case you missed the announcement, here are some of the details.

The update will offer the automated face recognition and the Nokia N9 will be the first smartphone in the industry to receive it. Once the update is applied, users can enable it in the application settings. The feature allows users to tag photos in the contact list and after a face is tagged, the phone can remember the settings related to a specific contact. The update has been in the works for some time and Nokia’s development team has been quite passionate about improvements the Nokia N9 will get.

Nokia N9 will also get significant improvements in camera performance, three frames can be captured every second at 5.5Mp resolution with zero shutter lag. It means, users can capture nine images by pressing down the shutter for three seconds. Additionally, the camera grid function helps users to properly align stationary objects. To do this, users can line up the horizontal lines on the viewfinder with the horizon to get a perfectly straight shot. When taking pictures of tall objects, such as  building, the vertical line in the viewfinder can also prove useful.

Video recording features are improved too; users can trim a clip and add some extra effects from the handset itself. With the new update, recording videos and editing are easier and much faster. Nokia also revealed that FCam with HDR will be released soon; it means developers can use the library to create relevant apps. For example, a new app called Panorama is being developed to take advantage of the improved camera.

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