Max Payne for iPad

Max Payne for iPad is Released

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Max Payne for iPadMore than ten years ago Max Payne came to the PC gaming industry and it introduced us one of the most innovative gameplay in action genre, the bullet time. Fortunately, Rockstar decided that the mobile market is the right medium for a port of the well known title. Max Payne is now available for the iPad at only $2.99 and users of Android devices need to wait for just a little bit more.

Because the original graphics engine was developed more than a decade ago for personal computers, the game visuals are not the most redeeming factor when compared to latest action games in the mobile sphere today. Characters look pixilated at times and some textured surfaces lack details. Still, Max Payne for the iPad runs without much lag and looks sharp. Since the game was originally designed for keyboard and mouse, it takes awhile to get used to its control scheme. Some users felt that the controls are way too sensitive, but you can remedy the issue by making few changes in the option menu. Also when the main character moves very quickly, he tends to jump out of control a bit. But overall, Max Payne for the iPad is so fun to play, thanks to its bullet time implementation.

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