iOS 6 New Features

Many New Features of iOS 6 Are Already Available in Android

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iOS 6 New Features
Android regularly trumped iOS in a number of ways including Facebook and twitter integration. From pretty much anywhere inside Android’s UI, we can post comment, tweet or share images. In addition, Android also offers reasonably deep integration with other features as well such as Skype, Google Drive, YouTube and pretty much any social-based app you install. Apple only added Twitter integration with the iOS 5 and it will introduce a deeper Facebook integration with iOS 6. This is something that many Android have been accustomed to for so long and it’s good to see how Apple is opening itself up for far easier sharing capability.

Apple claimed that the iOS 6 will feature more than two hundred improvements and new features, again that’s a nice thing to hear. However many of these features seems like those Android users have used for a long time. Also, Android users enjoy far more flexibility when using third pay apps, while iOS users frequently need to be fully committed with various built-in iOS features.

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