LTE Capable Nvidia Tegra 3

LTE-Capable Nvidia Tegra 3 is Postponed Until Next Year

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LTE Capable Nvidia Tegra 3Nvidia reported its Q1 revenue today; the company gathered $924 in revenue and $60 in profit; but that’s not the most interesting part. Rather, the company disclosed that the hotly-anticipated update to the Nvidia Tegra 3 with integrated LTE support won’t be ready for vendors until next year. Looking forward, we should see LTE smartphones with an enhanced version of Nvidia Tegra 3 with LTE capability. The company doesn’t offer a reason for the postponement, but it is suggested that for manufacturers this shouldn’t be a big deal in global environment.

The company argued that LTE is still a US-centric phenomenon and demand for LTE capability will only start to increase in the global market at 2013. Nvidia is already missing out on many opportunities due to the absence of built-in LTE support in its mobile hardware solution. Its rival, Qualcomm, is reportedly already experiencing shortages of its LTE-enabled Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 processors.

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