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LTE Capability Can Be Activated on Nexus 4 Through a Simple Hack

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Google Nexus 4It was revealed in recent teardowns that the Google Nexus 4 has an inactive LTE chip hidden inside the case. Both LG and Google didn’t officially say that the phone supports it. While users can already use the fast HSPA+ data connection, those yearning for much faster transfer rate would be sorely disappointed.

This doesn’t stop some skilled users to find ways to enable LTE connectivity on the Nexus 4. It was found that the phone can integrate itself into LTE networks offered by Rogers and TELUS in Canada. Apparently, the chip supports LTE Band 4 at 2100MHz and 1700MHz, which isn’t supported by any carrier in the US.

However, AT&T has the license to establish LTE Band 4 in the US and the carrier has a plan to utilize it. Unfortunately, there’s zero word on where, when and if ever that would happen. So far, users in the US still can’t get the Nexus 4 to work on any LTE network in the US.

LG responded to this development by explaining that the LTE chip is a bit like our tailbone or appendix. It is only an evolutionary leftover and there won’t be a future update to unlock the 4G capability.

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