Low-End Android Smartphones Will Make A Transition to Dual-Core Platform

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The Taiwanese chip maker, MediaTek is setting a new milestone in the smartphone industry: a dual-core processor for entry-level smartphones. The ARM Cortex-A9-based chip includes a built-in PowerVR GPU for better 3D and HD performance. Low-end smartphones are currently using sub-1GHz single core processor, which is poorly suited for latest demanding apps. MediaTek is expecting that more powerful multi-core processor will eventually phase out slow single-core processors in the low-end sub$200 market.

The new chip will be released for phone makers in Q3 2012 and should arrive to end-users in early 2013. It will also be better optimized for Android 4.x, as many older single-core processors are only capable of performing adequately on older Android 2.x. There will also support for up to 8Mp camera and fast HSPA networks.

MediaTek’s products are currently used by numerous phone makers including Lenovo and their new processor may encourage larger chip makers, including Nvidia, Texas Instrument, Qualcomm and Samsung to release something similar. Things are also moving to the right direction in the tablet market as Nvidia has already released the Tegra 3 Kai for $200 models.

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