Logitech Controller for Prepaid iPhone Will be Available Next Month in the UK

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Logitech PowershelliPhone models are not known for their spacious display area and some users often bemoan their own fat fingers as they try to navigate through the iOS interface. The Logitech Powershell is a useful controller that could get our clumsy fingers out of the equation, when it comes to handling the smartphone interface.

It will arrive next month for prepaid subscribers in the United Kingdom for a whopping £90. Those who are eager to throw cash to enhance their experience with the prepaid iPhone 5/5S can preorder the controller from Logitech’s official website. Add-on controllers are already common for Android device for years, but Apple has only started to provide support for them with the new iOS 7.0. Logitech is among the first manufacturers that capitalize on this opportunity and it will be available initially in the United Kingdom.

With the familiar Xbox-style buttons layout, users can easily navigate through the sleek interface of iOS 7.0, leaving the gorgeous Retina Display screen smudges- and smear-free. Unfortunately, Logitech uses different colors than what is used on Xbox console controller, which could make Logitech’s controller initially less intuitive to use. There’s also a built-in 1500mAh battery to make the iPhone runs longer when running hardware-intensive 3D games.

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