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Llama App Offers Highly Automated Functionality for Free

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Llama AppMany users are constantly changing their smartphone’s setting to save battery, match their new locations or otherwise fit their latest situations. A new Android app called Llama may automate changes of settings by detecting a numbers of indicators like what’s phone is doing, what time it is and where users are.

When focusing on locations, Llama allows you to enable or disable certain settings like volume, Bluetooth and WiFi as well as launching an app when users arrive or leave a specific location, like office or home. It is also possible o perform similar changes on certain times of the day, when the battery reaches certain level, whether music is playing, whether the phone is charging, when an event on the calendar is near or when other situations are met. For example, you can automatically turn down the display brightness; and disable 3G data and WiFi when the battery life reaches 20 percent.

Despite being a free app, Llama offers a number of powerful functionality and if you need something more, it is a good idea to choose Tasker, which is a paid app.

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