Nokia Should Have Used Android

Linus: Nokia Should Have Used Android

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Nokia Should Have Used AndroidLinus Torvalds is widely known as the “Linux God” in the IT society; the very name of the OS itself is derived from Linus’ name as he was the person who first developed the kernel. In the recent 20 years, Linus has been living in United States and he visited Finland, his homeland, this week. Local journalists got a chance to ask him about recent development in the booming mobile industry. It is particularly understandable that he shared a few opinions on Finland’s pride, Nokia. Linus stated that Nokia would fare better than today if it chose Android as the main mobile platform a couple of years ago and treated Windows Phone as an alternative like other major phone makers. Given the fact that Android is an offshoot of Linux, it is not surprising why he has a preference for Android.

Currently, Linus is spotted carrying an Android smartphone and he particularly appreciated the useful email feature. But it appears, Linus’ opinions won’t have any effect on the course Microsoft and Nokia currently take.

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