LIL KIKR Speaker Dock iPod iPhone

LIL KIKR Speaker Dock for the iPod and the iPhone Combines Sleek Design and Portability

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LIL KIKR Speaker Dock iPod iPhoneAccessories for iPod, iPhone and iPad are more or less dime a dozen. If you’re a long time user of Apple products, probably, you’ve seen your fair share of them. Only very few of them really stand out from the rest, however a charging dock called LIL KIKR may be a little different from your perspective. The dock was developed through collective brainstorming efforts of top designers who worked on popular brands like T-Mobile and Nike. It is constructed from materials of superior quality and designed specifically to amplify the audio output up to 100 dB. With its highly portable form factor, LIL KIKR can bring your house down with its booming sound.

It comes with a clean design that can match Apple’s aesthetic design, using stainless steel and premium aircraft-grade aluminum, resulting in a stable and strong dock that plays nicely with various iOS products. Non-slip rubbers are attached at the bottom and back, which add friction to the dock, preventing it from sliding across the table as it shakes furiously when pumping out your favorite tunes.  In addition, LIL KIKR has a foam pad support at the back that provides better stability. It’s a snap to carry the dock around whenever you head off to a place and since it is small enough, it will fit into just about any laptop bag and purse without adding much bulk. The LIL KIKR can only be used by an iOS product without a case.

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