Li ion Battery

Li-ion Battery With Tin Anodes Can Store Three Times More Energy

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Li ion BatteryResearchers from the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering have filed patents on a technology, which may allow smartphone batteries to recharge more quickly and store more energy. Instead of carbon anode, researches introduced a tin anode in these batteries. In any Lithium battery, anodes hold lithium ions; when the phone is running, the battery continuously produce current by moving ions to the cathode from the anode.

Researchers grew tin “nanoneedles” using a typical electroplating process. Electroplated tin anodes cost less than common graphite anodes, but they can store triple the energy. The end product of battery with tin anodes, should look very similar to standard Li-ion batteries. It means phone makers don’t need to redesign their planned devices to make room for a bigger battery. The Motorola RAZR Maxx is generally considered a phone with exceptional battery life, but future tin-anode batteries will eventually take the lead. This solution should also be applicable to tablets and theoretically, it is possible for future tablets to get 10,000mAh batteries.

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