LG Quick Voice

LG’s Virtual Assistant, the Quick Voice, Will be Available Soon

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LG Quick VoiceVirtual assistants are nothing new in smartphones, as Android users were able to download such apps before Apple’s Siri made its appearance. However, Siri was the first to provide natural conversation and users don’t have to provide overly detailed instructions. Now, phone manufacturers are getting in action to implement this feature into their handsets, with Samsung recently integrated the S-Voice into its newest flagship, the Galaxy S3. Now, LG is joining the voice-based virtual assistant party with its “Quick Voice”.

LG’s solution will work in a similar way to Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s S-Voice, allowing smartphone users to talk naturally with their handsets. Searching YouTube, creating calendar events, making quick notes, making phone calls and checking weather can be performed with a simple verbal instruction. However, LG’s Quick Voice will be much less restricted and it will be available to all LG Optimus models at the end of July.

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