LG Will Release a Smartphone With Flexible Display This Year

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LG SmartphoneOther than making their display bigger with high screen resolution, phone manufacturers are also exploring ways to make the display flexible. We have seen flexible displays shown off in numerous consumer electronics events, but these components are essentially tech demos, instead of usable commercial ones. A new report has told us recently that LG is also planning to bring a smartphone equipped with flexible OLED display. The handset is expected to arrive later this year.

Samsung has introduced its flexible display version, but disappointingly this just amounted to devices with somewhat curved display. Many have expected to see a clamshell smartphone with a flexible touchscreen display can fold neatly in half.

LG is internationally known for its TV business, but it already loses steam due to the highly competitive market. As the result, the company is betting more on the mobile sector. LG Display is one of the company’s biggest assets, which is able to produce sophisticated panels.

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