LG Optimus G is Shown to Have Longer Battery Life Than Samsung Galaxy S3

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Recently, LG ran a number of battery tests by pitting Android’s elite, Samsung Galaxy S3 against its own Optimus G smartphone. Both smartphones boast 2,100 mAh batteries, but LG says that it uses a battery with improved chemistry and higher density for longer operational uses. Performed on an equal footing, both devices have full battery charge, 50 percent screen brightness and connected to the U+ network. The Samsung Galaxy S3 managed to get 7.3 hours of video playback and 2.8 hours of video recording. The Optimus G has slightly better battery life 7.9 hours of video playback and 3.8 hours of video recording.

Unsurprisingly, the Optimus G won again in talk time category at nearly 16 hours, the Galaxy S3 managed only 9 hours and 38 minutes. It is interesting to note that LG didn’t reveal test on web browsing, a common activity performed by average users. So, it is safe to assume that Samsung Galaxy S3 might come first in this category, as there’s no reason for LG to not disclose it.  While the test was not performed independently, this should give us a rough indication on a phone’s overall performance level.

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