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LG Optimus EliteThe LG Optimus Elite will arrive on Virgin Mobile and Sprint. Green design elements are played up on this smartphone to signify its eco-friendly characteristics. For starters, the handset gets ULE Platinum certification, for acceptable environment performance based on sustainable requirements defined by Sprint and UL Environment. Its casing is RoHS compliant and mostly made from recycled plastics, which means it’s free of harmful contaminants and pollutants such as PVC, phthalates, mercury and halogens.

Unlike typical chargers, Elite’s charger only consumes about 0.03 Watts when it is not connected to the phone, but plugged into the wall socket. The Sprint version of the smartphone comes inside a fully recyclable box, which is manufactured using glueless techniques; it contains nearly 90 percent recycled paper and is printed with bio-degradable soy inks. Virgin Mobile’s packaging is slightly less “greener”, with only 30 percent recycled paper content, but still uses soy inks.

The LG Optimus Elite appears to be designed as a low end device. It is comfortable to hold, has tiny design and is available in silver or white color option. Specification wise, the phone doesn’t rank among the elites in the vast Android community. It will be running Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and powered by an 800 MHz single-core chip. LG only modifies the operating system minimally and the interface is quite close to the stock Gingerbread interface.

The 3.5″ display has HVGA (480 x 320 pixels) resolution, which is on par with other affordable Android devices. The LG Optimus Elite supports NFC, which allows users to make payments using the Google Wallet at certain stores. All in all, the smartphone is a solid starter handset for any first-time Android user.

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