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LG Nitro HDLG Nitro HD is a direct improvement of the LG LTE, which delivers significantly better capability. It is unfortunate that the LG Nitro HD lacks interesting design elements. Nevertheless, the phone is solidly built and it won’t give off an impression of being cheap. Despite the use of plastic casing, the phone won’t creak or squeak, no matter how firm you squeeze it. The 4.5” 720p display delivers 329ppi of pixel density, which slightly beats the Retina Display. Fonts are rendered smoothly and the display quality is generally gorgeous. Colors are accurate and vibrant, although blacks may not be sufficiently deep. However, touch sensitivity issue is a glaring flaw of the phone.

Paired with 1GB of RAM, the 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 processor should deliver more than adequate performance level, while the 1830mAh battery delivers 9.5 hours of talk time. It’s difficult to find much fault with the 8Mp camera and aided with an LED flash, the low-light performance should be more than adequate.

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