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LG Lucid 4GLG has just released another affordable yet surprisingly powerful handset, the LG Lucid 4G. The phone is powered by a blazing fast dual-core processor along with a crisp IPS LCD display and LG’s latest UI. The smartphone is set up to be the winner in mid-range segment.

The LG Lucid fully reflects the needs of average users, who tap with one thumb and hold the phone in one hand. The size of the phone is somewhere right in the middle, not so tiny one can’t see small objects in the screen and not too huge as many high-end phones. The display is made for casual users as well as business-minded folks, even so; under the hood, there’s enough horsepower to play even the most demanding games in the Google Play. Overall, the handset is ramped up to fully support Verizon’s fast 4G LTE network.

LG Lucid comes with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and users get an enhanced drawer for apps and a few pre-set themes. It may be quite amazing to see how LG managed to put so much effort into a phone that may easily fall under the shadow of its high-end counterparts.  With average usages, the phone can last for ten hours; however it can be much shorter if you use 4G and multimedia features frequently. Being a mid-range phone, the LG Lucid offers a modest 5Mp rear-facing camera; that said, the 1080p video recording capability is fairly decent.  LG has done a wonderful job by releasing a powerful mid-range phone for those who need high performance at an affordable price and it is certainly a nice phone to have for those don’t have big hands. Under 2-year contract and after online discount, users can get the phone from Verizon at just $79.99.

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