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LG Jil Sander Phone Review

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LG Jil Sander

Surprisingly, Jil Sander added a smartphone into its Autumn 2011, a significant departure from the norm. The phone is exclusively available with the Expansys.com, an online technology specialist in UK. Jil Sander is joining many other designer brands by releasing a phone with chic looks. It has partnered with Microsoft and LG to develop a smartphone that offers both functionality and style. The phone is based on the Optimus 7 design plus a number of stylistic improvements, including the signature blue strips that run down both sides. The tiled user interface and the clean lines of Windows Phone 7 are in line with the usual Jil Sander’s minimalist design. The OS doesn’t only enhance the phone’s fashionable values; it also offers versatility that can benefit most users. For example, owners of Jil Sander Phone get Microsoft Office suite, deep social media integration and even an access to Xbox Live gaming.

Just like other smartphones released by brand designers, the Jil Sander Phone offers only decent features. It has a 3.8” TFT touchscreen WVGA display, while its connectivity options are nothing special with 5.7Mbps HSDPA and Bluetooth 2.1. The 5Mp camera can produce still images at acceptable quality and 720p videos at 24 fps. The 1 GHz single core Scorpion processor and Adreno 200 are already outdated for today’s standard, but they can still offer smooth experience. The phone includes a premium handset and pouch. Expansys releases the phone for £300 in the UK, while buyers on other European countries can get it for €350. The phone is also available at Amazon.de at a slightly lower price.

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