LG is Working on a “Thinking” Smartphone

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LG Thinking SmartphoneIn the mobile industry, life may not seem so good for LG. The Korean company has devoted high commitments and efforts with its Android smartphones, and the company is still far from reaching a noteworthy success that others have earned. But that’s about to change as the company is planning to release a revolutionary device, called the “thinking” smartphone. An LG’s official, Kwon Bong-Suk mentioned that we shouldn’t see Apple as the only company that brings the next great innovation in the mobile industry.

LG is a long-time player in the electronic industry and it should be able to identify universal values that consumers need and want. To do that they need to develop a product that can connect closely with customers and sets a new rule in the industry. LG is looking to move away from simply integrating cool new features to their handsets and it wants to make a smartphone that won’t only help make their consumers’ life easier but does so intelligently.

Kwon gave an example that the smartphone can modify an app based on changes in situation. For example, alarm clock app on your phone can be modified based on traffic to your office. If the traffic is bad, the alarm clock app will wake you up earlier, while you’re given some extra sleeping time if the opposite is the case. This concept is not new, nevertheless the possibilities are endless. There’s no doubt that a really “smart” smartphone can make your life much easier; but, would there be a caveat? LG promises that they will keep pricing in mind. They’d be glad to release a $100 “thinking” smartphone, but they’d do so only if it doesn’t sacrifice the product’s quality.

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