LG Smartphones With HD Retina Display

LG Is Preparing Smartphones with 5.0” 1080p HD Retina Display

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LG Smartphones With HD Retina DisplayEven as Apple is trying to catch up with the competition with a 4.0” display of its own, it’s still left behind in terms of screen real estate as more companies are breaching the 5.0” barrier. It’s a common concept in the business world that suppliers can potentially become the toughest competitors. Based on Apple’s point of view, Samsung has done that and now LG, the provider of Retina Display for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, is preparing to launch handsets powered 5.0” 1080p HD Retina Display, which packs a more-than-impressive 440 ppi of pixel density. While it is still below Toshiba’s 6” 498 ppi display, LG takes the lead as the display is ready for commercial releases with 5.0” smartphones could be available by Q4 2012.

On the technical side, the display features AH-IPS (Advanced High Performance In-Plane Switching), an evolution of IPS, which provides better brightness efficiency, better viewing angles and faster response time. LG unveiled the display recently at SID 2012 Display and bragged that it would become a commercial product with the highest resolution in the market.

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