Samsung Youm

LG is Developing an Unbreakable and Flexible Display

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Samsung YoumLG has been struggling to stay relevant in the highly competitive mobile space for a while now. Apparently, the South Korean company is taking it up a notch with the development of a new type of screen. LG’s future smartphones may eventually feature unbreakable and flexible OLED display. Avaco and Jusung Engineering supplied the necessary equipment to LG in a deal worth $16.7 or nearly 20 billion won. Sometime at the end of 2012, LG may start put much more effort into this project, with the actual construction start at the third quarter.

An LG official revealed that it will take another two years for the development and verification process. LG’s new display might be based on a similar concept with Samsung’s Youm, which was touted as the unbreakable version of AMOLED display. The idea of replacing glass with plastic on smartphone displays isn’t something new; numerous companies have tried to use plastic substrate on the display to create more rugged mobile device.

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