LG G2 Mini Could be a Lower Mid-Range Smartphone

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LG G2 MiniWe have heard rumors about the impending arrival of the LG G2 Mini for quite some time now, but unfortunately no one from the company’s camp has given us any confirmation. “Minie-me” models are tagging along many flagship devices these days. It started from the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini up until the newest Sony Xperia Z1f.

Some of these miniaturized models are both smaller and less capable, while others are equally as powerful as their bigger siblings despite the more compact package. Unfortunately, new hardware specs may indicate that the LG G2 Mini will be included into the former.

The LG-D410 recently passed through the GFX Benchmark tool, which gives us an early look on the hardware specs of the device. It has qHD (960 x 540) screen resolution and 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 MSM226 quad-core processor. It has been suggested that the screen size would be 4.7-inch, but there’s a possibility that the D410 will have the smaller 4.3-inch panel. We could expect that phone has Android 4.4 preinstalled out of the box. The LG G2 arrived with Android 4.3 and the KitKat update for this device. There’s no word on the details regarding connectivity options, camera resolution and the amount of RAM.

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