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LG DoublePlay

In the highly competitive world of Android, LG manages to bring us a smartphone with a twist. At first glance, LG DoublePlay’s most intriguing feature is invisible, but after a closer look, the phone reveals a smaller, secondary display in the middle of the physical keyboard. The unusual configuration has attracted favorable reviews from media.

Due to its design, the LG DoublePlay isn’t a small device and because it features a sliding keyboard, the phone is a bit on the thick side. The LG DoublePlay’s display only have 320×480 resolution (3.5”), which is quite surprising as many mid-range devices already use WVGA displays. While the screen dimension is adequate for displaying Android OS, the experience is muddled at best. The phone has a fairly standard 5Mp camera, which offers colors on the “cooler” side. Under artificial lights, such as overhead lamps at home, the resulting photos are bland. While the LED flash helps somewhat, it still can’t prevent grainy images when they are taken in dim places. The 1GHz mobile processing technology has been around for more than one year, but the processor can still offer smooth responsiveness to Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) interfaces and most apps.

The LG Doubleplay doesn’t try to push the boundaries of what smartphone can do; it is simply a device that tries to meet the need of certain market segment: younger people who love to text. With the design, LG did something that other vendors failed to do, offering them an opportunity to type comfortably without the need to toggle between voice calls and text messages, due to the availability of two screens.

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