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LG Could Release The Next Google Nexus Smartphone

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LG NexusHTC, Samsung and Acer have released various Nexus devices and latest reports reveal about an upcoming smartphone called G Nexus. It is indicated that the smartphone would be next Nexus-branded handset. The LG Nexus smartphone will have 4.7” display and considering that the LG Optimus G also packs a 4.7” WXGA True IPS+ 720p display, it makes us wonder whether the phone will hit stores as a Nexus. It is easy to suspect that the “G” simply stands for “Google”.

However, the LG Optimus G and LG Nexus could be two completely different devices. Google probably won’t let LG sell a variant of Nexus device under different name. More news related to both LG Nexus and LG Optimus G will appear in coming weeks and only an official press event will make things clearer for us. This could also indicate one significant milestone for Android community and the next Nexus device may come with the next Android version, probably Key Lime Pie.

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