Lenovo May Release a Nexus Smartphone This Year

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Lenovo SmartphoneLenovo has just announced its plan to purchase Motorola from Google and the next Nexus smartphone could be released by the China-based company.

This information recently came from Eldar Murtazin, a well-connected blogger from Russia. Earlier, he predicted that Google will soon kill its reasonably popular Nexus brand after releasing one last run of new devices this year. He foresaw that Google Play edition devices will replace the Nexus series.  Way back in the middle of 2013, we also heard about a Nexus smartphone that would be released by Motorola. Unfortunately, the company never released such a device.

Murtazin says that one of the final Nexus devices will be released by Lenovo and it will be aimed primarily for US consumers. This sounds probable because Motorola has been focusing much of its effort on the US market. He also added that TouchWiz UI will become a standard component of upcoming Android versions, leading us to believe that Samsung Galaxy models will be considered more or less stock Android models.

Obviously, we need to take this rumor with a pinch of salt, because Murtazin is known for a rather mixed track record.

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