iPhone 5 Motherboard

Leaked Image iPhone 5 Motherboard Reveals Numerous New Features

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iPhone 5 MotherboardThe official release date of the iPhone 5 is approaching and there’s no shortage of leaked details and rumors of the highly anticipated smartphone. A logic board image from the alleged iPhone 5 is circulating online and it suggests a higher capacity battery, new antenna and other features.

Of course, such photos should be analyzed with a healthy dollop of skepticism, regardless of the credibility of the source.

The WeiPhone forum also release an accurate image of the motherboard used on the iPhone 4S, a couple months before the actual release. If you have the time to compare the leaked board of the iPhone 5 with a rear plate leaked in June, both seem to match up quite nicely.

The battery connector of the new board has an extra pin for a total of five, which could suggest a more powerful battery. A new antenna design is likely aimed for 4G (LTE) support. Another change is a significantly smaller SIM card, which points to the recent ETSI-approved NanoSIM format.

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