Oracle Planned to Release a Smartphone

Larry Ellison: Oracle Planned to Release a Smartphone

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Oracle Planned to Release a SmartphoneOracle’s CEO, Larry Ellison revealed recently that Oracle was contemplating on taking part in the highly competitive, but profitable smartphone industry. Oracle wants to compete directly with Apple and Google. In the latest legal battle in the industry, Oracle alleges Google for improper uses of Java technologies in its mobile platform, Android. Ellison’s latest testimony also saw him saying that Oracle contemplated on acquiring RIM or Palm as a way to gain foothold in the smartphone industry. However, two years ago, Palm ended up being acquired by HP for $1 billion. Ellison maintained that in 2010, his company reached to Google about possible arrangement for licensing fees, but the proposal was rebuffed and Google’s lack of responses was the root for Oracle’s recent legal actions. Larry page said on Tuesday that he doesn’t know in detail how Android was developed and he believed that all components used are in the public domain, which makes licensing unnecessary.

Ellison acknowledged that Oracle had an interest in diversifying its business by expanding to fields unrelated with database software.  Although his company has bought many smaller companies, Ellison said that Java is considered as Oracle’s most cherished prize.

When Oracle was still looking for regulatory approval for the purchase of Sun Microsystem, Ellison gave many favorable statements about Google and Android. He said to the public that he was flattered and excited about Google’s reliance on Java technologies. He hailed Google as a friend and looked forward to see many more Android-based devices. Google’s lawyer also tried to convince the jury that Sun Microsystem has endorsed and even encouraged the use of Java in Android.

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